Top Liverpool Wagers of 2016/2017 Season

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Klopp Can Lead Liverpool to Success

This is Liverpool’s first full season under Klopp and everyone at Anfield is pretty hopeful about the club’s chances of success. People expect a lot from Kloppo, not without a reason. He is the man that could lead the Reds to the much deserved Premier League Title, more than anyone else.

  • Klopp is a great motivator – We can already see how he managed to motivate Lovren, Lallana and Henderson who are playing the football of their careers;
  • Jürgen makes the right transfers – So far, we can see that all of his summer acquisitions are proving to be worth every penny. Matip came on a free transfer and he has almost established himself as a first team player;
  • Klopp is a great innovator – He can change tactics, play players at different positions. He is constantly trying new things in an effort to improve the club’s performance and many times it works;
  • He understands that football is a team sport – This make seem like an obvious statement, and you would think that every manager understands that. But, some of them don’t. We’re not going to name and shame them here, this is about Liverpool.


It’ll Be a Tough Season

Klopp has proven himself as a coach who can lead an underdog team to success. After all, he won the title with Borussia in a league where Bayern Munich were incontestably dominant. But this is England, and there isn’t just one, but several teams who are serious title contenders and the Reds are going to have to prove that they are better than them.
And unlike last year, when City, Chelsea and United were in a sort of a crisis, this year all of those three clubs started the season with new managers, all of them proven champions. Not to mention the fact that this might be Wenger’s last year at Arsenal. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about Tottenham and Pochettino.


Best Liverpool Wagers for the Season

So, can Liverpool finally win the title this year?! Robert Lewandowski, who played under Klopp at Borussia, thinks they can. And not playing in Europe this season might actually be a positive thing. With fewer games the team can focus on the Premier League and the domestic cups. The bookies too think that the Reds have fair chances of winning a trophy this season and they give Liverpool 11/8 odds to win a trophy.

11/8 are the odds for Liverpool to win a trophy, any trophy. There are some other interesting bets that you can make on Liverpool this season.

  • Odds for Liverpool to win any two trophies this season – 14/1;
  • Odds for Liverpool to win the EPL – 7/2;
  • Odds for Liverpool to finish in the top four – 3/10;
  • Odds for Liverpool to finish higher than Man United – 4/11.

As you can see, the odds aren’t too high, but that is a reflection of the club’s terrific form this season. If they keep it up, which we certainly hope they will, winning a title might not be that much of a difficult task after all. There are some pretty strong reasons to believe that this is Liverpool’s season. Klopp is still pretty cautious with his statements, but it is obvious that he wants the Title this season.