Monthly Archives: April 2017

In memory of 96 football fans who never came home.

28 years ago today thousands of Liverpool supporters left home and made the journey to South Yorkshire to see their club play Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup semi-final at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium. 96 of them never returned home. Countless survivors went through horrors that words could never describe. Mums and dads lost sons and daughters, children lost parents, siblings […]

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Block The Sun out with your iPhone

Sick of seeing links to that rag in Apple News? Here’s how to banish them back to the gutter. People in Merseyside have boycotted The Sun newspaper ever since it printed a pack of lies about the Hillsborough Disaster on its front page in 1989 and headlined it “The Truth”. Red, Blue or indifferent, to the people of Merseyside the […]

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