We have to accept FSG's way of thinking, it's the least they deserve.

Since the sacking of Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool manager by Fenway Sports Group debate between supporters has been often heated as stories circulate about what happens next for the club in terms not only of manager but also in structure, with concerns raised at the continued lack of any visible progress on the stadium. Not all fans trust FSG to do the right thing, or for them to be receiving the right advice, but not all fans are troubled by the way they are going about running the club. One fan asked for the platform to put his side of the argument forward and we were happy to do that.

Ste MullarkeyBy Stephen Mullarkey

FIRST things first, sorry to Jim for constantly calling him ‘Mr Doom’ on Twitter. I just take a rather more positive outlook on what seems to be the FSG philosophy.

When FSG rolled into town it was always my belief that they had a philosophy in baseball that was spearheaded by a youthful manager/coach. Of course at that time we had the pleasure of watching what has to be the dullest football I have seen at Anfield in my 23 years of following Liverpool. People were already growing increasingly frustrated by Roy Hodgson’s tactics and awful style of football when FSG took ownership of the club.

It was of great relief and also joy for us all when Roy was replaced by Kenny. Although a temporary measure it was always going to be difficult for FSG to appoint their own man that fitted within their philosophy if Kenny had a successful stint as ‘caretaker manager’ as surely he would keep the job full time if successful.

Tom Werner and John HenryKenny did many great things in those first five months, for me personally it was a dream seeing us play a style of football I had almost forgotten we were capable of playing. Pass and move at its very best. Fulham away toward the end of that season was something else.

This season I walked out of Anfield many times trying to work out how we didn’t win games. The football was still being played in the right way and of course the cup runs were fantastic.

In my opinion the main two reasons Kenny was (wrongly) sacked:

1. Our league form dipped alarmingly after we lost that crucial game at home against Arsenal, a game we totally dominated as par for the course.

2. The way Kenny came across with the press, not just regarding the whole Suarez incident (which was dealt with poorly by the club and the FA and actually everyone concerned including the ‘victim’ Evra) but just in general. Personally I felt uncomfortable watching certain interviews and I am one of Kenny’s biggest fans so i can only presume FSG felt the same.

Finishing 8th and so far from the top 4 was the ideal opportunity in their eyes to show Kenny the door and start to implement the plan I am sure they wanted to start 12 months earlier.

So we now find ourselves in a situation where lots of fans have an opinion on who they would like as their manager. For me it’s been fairly obvious since the day Kenny was shown the door that FSG would follow their own philosophy of bringing in a young up and coming manager rather than a proven older manager.

Tom Werner and Ian AyrePersonally I would have loved to have seen Jurgen Klopp take over. A young proven winner on a modest budget would be a perfect fit for the FSG way of thinking. Sadly it seems that won’t happen so who are the alternatives? Obviously Roberto Martinez seems to be the clear favourite. I admire Martinez a lot. He conducts himself superbly and plays a style of football pleasing to the eye. The main risk is he is now manager at Wigan and LFC is a different kettle of fish from Wigan. Can he handle the pressure? I’d like to think so but one thing is for sure it will be a hell of a lot easier if he has the full the support of the fans. Let’s follow Martinez’s lead and conduct ourselves in a manner which befits our great club.

I fear we as fans are turning into Aston villa fans. Let’s not allow that to happen. Please.

I hear shouts for Rafa. I understand shouts for Rafa but he clearly doesn’t fit within FSG’s way of thinking so we have to accept that and give their way of thinking a chance. That’s the least they deserve.

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  • Ade

    Yes , we won the champions league with Rafa and came second in the league once but re-appointing him manager would be a massive set-back. Liverpool fans need to stop dreaming about the champions lge final and get with reality. Kenny was an embarrassment with the media and his loyalty to under-performing players costed us the season. I am happy to give Martinez a chance but feel there are some clowns that are ready to jump on his back once the appointment is confirmed.

  • Phil Jones

    Wise words. The reaction by some supporters to FSG have been way over the top they have a vision of how the club should be run lets givr them a chance. Our captain has spoken yesterday and we as fans should follow his lead and get behind the club or our negative reaction in the stands and on social networking sites WILL reflect on the pitch. Lets all pull together club and supporters pull a big two fingers on the rest of the country and drag our club back to were it belongs.

  • Tony

    I will support Martinez 100% but for the love of God lets get a structure in place now, otherwise he will be exposed totally. If he starts badly he will need experience behind him, or he too will be sacked???

  • Jonski

    Great article and it’s good to hear some positivity. However, my only fears are that FSG brought that philosophy to The Red Sox but after last seasons collapse they have now appointed Bobby Valentine whose age seems to fly in the face of this philosophy and its not working either. Hopefully that won’t happen here but if it does, What next? We need stability at this club as we are becoming a laughing stock.

  • Redraider

    Good article. I agree that whoever is appointed we must give him time and not turn on him if things don’t go right immediately. Personally I think Martinez would be a good appointment – he knows the EPL and the British game and plays attractive football.
    To those who say he’s only at Wigan, he’s lived with pressure for 2-3yrs. And remember most top managers start at smaller clubs – even Rafa who’s CV show’s he suffered relegation twice and was also sacked a couple of times before he became successful.

  • Vlad

    I too have no problem with going for a younger manager philosophy but going for a manager whose career has been spent fighting relegation is not the best candidate by a long shot. I would prefer managers who are unexpectedly winning european places or reaching cup finals against the odds.
    Also what message does it send out though when the previous manager reached two cup finals and won one? He was sacked for missing out on a CL place so whats considered a success for the new man,will he be sacked if he 1. Finishes lower than 4th or 2. Lower than 8th even?
    FSG really are making things difficult for anybody to take over and particularly trying to implement a structure where the manager might not have the final say on transfers as a Sporting Director will loom over them.
    I’d like to be positive too but FSG are making things more difficult than they need to be.
    One final thing is that even though Ive got no problem in principle with a young manager the number one criteria for managing one of the most successful teams in the world should be ‘a proven record of success’ in the same way previous managers have been hired,Hodgson excepted of course.

    • Joe

      I think if you check out the official LFC site you will see the structure hinted at in two recent interviews on by John Barns & another by Stephen Henchoz

  • Drew

    If Martinez turns out to be like a rafa, mourinho, or avb, before they won big honors we will all be silenced. The way I see it FSG are after an up an comer as they hired theo Epstein for the Boston red sox at 28 yrs old….theo won first world series in 80 years for the sox. Given the right resources, Martinez could shine.

  • Jay Wright

    Fear we’re turning into Aston Villa fans? What, because they were even quicker on the uptake that McLeish was the wrong man for the job, than we were with Hodgson?!

    I don’t mind ppl standing up for the potential appointment of Martinez, and actually think that he could be a bit at LFC, but the patronizing attitude displayed towards anybody who voices a different attitude is getting more than a little annoying now.

  • Is that Freddy Krueger in that picture?

    Rafa Benitez >>>>Roberto Martinez

  • Rsm

    Disagree about Rafa not fitting fsg style, buys players for a system, goes for character and buying the right player at the right price, wants a all through the club mentality and strategy. Buys young and for the future